Benefit from the economic growth of the cannabis market with BioMindX.

Here you can already buy a
lifelong planting space for 500 Euro plus VAT and earn recurrently.

If you want to make money legally with cannabis, then BioMindX is just right for you.

Here you can enter the cannabis market for as little as 500€ plus VAT. BioMindX owns all necessary licenses and certifications to legally grow cannabis on several thousand square meters in Greece.

BioMindX | BioMindX

The market for medical cannabis is experiencing enormous growth worldwide and is expected to continue to grow in the future!

The possibilities as a private person to get involved in this billion dollar market are extremely limited. On the one hand there are cannabis shares, which however registered a loss of 40-90% in the past year (source: AURORA, CANOPY GROWTH stock chart).
On the other hand you could try to establish your own plantation. But for this you need a huge amount of expertise, capital, space and above all patience for bureaucratic hurdles.
BioMindX takes all this off your hands and provides you with a turnkey opportunity to participate in this market today!

Not an illegal drug

Cannabigerol (CBG)

BioMindX grows almost exclusively CBG cannabis. CBG is a legal, but still quite unknown cannabinoid with a lot of potential. In recent years a greater effort has been made to research CBG, with the following results::

CBG blocks receptors that cause or promote the growth of cancer cells. Especially in colorectal cancer, the cannabinoid is shown to be effective for successful treatment.

CBG is an anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reduce the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).

CBG promotes appetite. In MS, cancer, HIV and other serious diseases, CBG can be used as a supportive agent.

Cannabigerol protects nerve cells from cell death and can therefore be useful against degenerative nervous diseases such as Huntington's disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, or MS.

CBG in combination with other cannabinoids acts similar to antibiotics. It is exciting here that the hemp plant can be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria according to some studies.

Insight into one of three grow rooms of BioMindX in Greece during the growth phase
According to initial analysis reports, BioMindX cannabis has a CBG content of 14.2% and a THC content of less than 0.01%.

Get straightforward into the cannabis market now!

You do not need any special knowledge in the cannabis field or even sales experience.
From A to Z

The Procedure

Sit back and let the BioMindX team do the work for you until you want to sell your space again. No hidden or recurring costs.

Step 1:
Plant purchase

When you buy a plant, it is directly assigned to the current grow cycle, as 15,000 plants are already in the facility waiting for a new owner.

Step 2:

The BioMindX team of experts takes care of fertilization, irrigation, pruning and pest control of the plants. In return, you will receive a 50% share of the profits.

Step 3:
Harvest and sale

BioMindX already has numerous customers who can purchase such a high amount of CBG-cannabis. The company therefore also takes care of harvesting, drying and selling.

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After buying a plant, BioMindX provides you with a purchase contract as well as a maintenance contract for your plants for an indefinite period of time.
As an alternative to selling the harvest, plant owners can also have their harvest conveniently and legally sent home by mail.

Square meter area

Plants already growing


harvests per year


Legal and Licensed


Your own cannabis planting space

For the cultivation of cannabis a huge area is needed, therefore the number of pitches is strictly limited. This is no artificial scarcity but reality.


plus 21% VAT
1 Plant
  • ~ 35 Gram per harvest¹
  • ~ 35 Euro Compensation²
  • Harvesting every 3-4 months³
  • Unlimited duration⁴
Most popular


plus 21% VAT
10 Plants
  • ~ 350 Gram per harvest¹
  • ~ 350 Euro Compensation²
  • Harvesting every 3-4 months³
  • Unlimited duration⁴


plus 21% VAT
25 Plants
  • ~ 875 Gram per harvest¹
  • ~ 875 Euro Compensation²
  • Harvesting every 3-4 months³
  • Unlimited duration⁴
1. The numbers given are only guidelines. The amount of harvest can vary and depends on many factors such as light, fertilization, irrigation and the genetic disposition of a cannabis plant. The 50% split with the company has already been taken into account.
2. The compensation at each harvest or the price per gram is subject to the usual fluctuations of the cannabis market. The price can be significantly higher or lower.
3. The duration of a complete harvest cycle varies due to the natural conditions of a cannabis plant and is determined individually by the BioMindX grower team.
4. You will own the purchased plots for plants for the rest of your life as long as BioMindX continues to operate liquid and profitable. Although the plants die with every harvest, new cuttings from selected mother plants are grown and used in the upcoming grow. In both cases the costs are borne by BioMindX.

The expert team behind BioMindX

The people behind the company all share a passion and connection to the cannabis plant, as well as an impressive business experience.

Ilya Vlasyuk - Co-Founder

Ilya Vlasyuk


Alexandre Nikulin - Co-Founder

Alexandre Nikulin


Eugen Beck - Co-Founder

Eugen Beck


Sergey Shiryaev - Co-Founder

Sergey Shiryaev


Taher Shoaib - Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Taher Shoaib

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Costs & Income


Greece Next Grow: Q1 2021

Note: The results are based on numerous previous results and tests. The amount of the harvest can vary between 5 and 200 grams and depends on many important factors such as fertilization, aeration and irrigation. The average retail price per gram also varies and depends on the current market for CBG cannabis, as well as supply and demand. BioMindX tries in its own interest to continuously increase the yield of the plant and to achieve a higher sales price per gram through constant quality control and further improvements

European Union

BioMindX Growing location

The state-of-the-art facility near Thessaloniki is monitored 24 hours a day. It has several indoor growing areas as well as a cutting and drying room and a huge outdoor testing area to find the perfect phenotype.

Nea Apollonia

🇬🇷 Greece
  • 8.000 m² Area under cultivation
  • 15.000 Plants
  • 25 Employees & harvest workers
  • Production quantity approx. 6t / year
BioMindX Growing location map

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