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Earn legally up to 2.333€ per month with cannabis?
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Cannerald GmbH

Benefit from the security of a registered Swiss GmbH.

Med. Cannabis

Participate in one of the most lucrative future markets, which is regularly not accessible to private individuals.


Build a recurring stream of income, even alongside your main job.

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Benefit from any referral by sharing your customers' crop yields.

Photo of a Cannergrow Cannabis Plantation in Bern, Switzerland at Cannerald Headquarters

Participate in the growing cannabis market with Cannergrow

Only very few people are aware of the fact that worldwide there are always supply bottlenecks for medical cannabis. Existing producers are unable to cope with the onslaught and the fact that more and more European countries are legalising cannabis and allowing it as medicine is causing demand to rise rapidly.

Cannergrow addresses this issue and offers private individuals the opportunity to participate in this market. In several locations worldwide, including Switzerland, Cannerald cultivates medical cannabis on over 20,000 m² under almost perfect conditions.

Once the plants are harvested, Cannergrow sells the cannabis to large companies that produce CBD oils, creams and other products from it, before ultimately selling them to consumers.

In the near future there will also be own CBD products from Cannerald under the Cannermed brand.

Cannergrow is known from:

Qualify now for the next harvest!

You do not need any previous technical knowledge.

Cannergrow conquers a USD 25 billion market

The market volume of med. cannabis is expected to increase to about 25 billion US dollars in the USA alone by 2025. Worldwide, this figure is even higher. Cannergrow owns all the necessary licenses to be able to successfully get involved here.

In addition to a team of qualified staff and the largest agricultural equipment manufacturers, Cannergrow can deliver the best possible yields for premium quality medical cannabis.

Due to the high demand for Cannergrow, only a few plants are still available:

Plants are already sold

Plants are still available


Satisfied customers

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Glass full of medical cannabis from Cannergrow by Cannerald
Cannergrow analysis report of the 4th Alpha Grows (October 2020)
Cannergrow analysis report of the 4th Alpha Grows (October 2020)

Cannergrow stands for a maximum of quality and safety

In order to constantly improve the quality of CBD flowers, expert reports are prepared at regular intervals by independent analytical laboratories. In addition, no pesticides are used but natural enemies of pests.

Cannerald is optimally secured for all cases:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Theft
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Lease agreement for 15 years incl. additional clause for purchase
  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Fire damage or loss through fire
  • Facility is monitored 24/7

Note: All relevant documents can be viewed personally on demand.

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76% of all plants are already sold out!

Cannergrow's offer is limited because only a limited number of plants can be placed per facility and per room.


Cannergrow's unique business model
in detail

The principle behind Cannergrow is simple: users can buy cannabis plants after registration. The Cannergrow staff then take care of the proper irrigation, ventilation and fertilisation of the plants as well as pest control and the safety of the grow facilities. As soon as the plants are ready for harvest, plant owners have the choice: Either send their harvest by post (provided that CBD cannabis is legal in the respective country) or sell the cannabis to Cannergrow, who in turn sell it to larger buyers and the investor receives money.

Step 1: Buy plants

In order to benefit from the harvest, the purchase of at least one plant is necessary. Thus you are qualified for ALL future harvests and receive a profit distribution every 2-3 months.

Step 2: Care of the plants

Cannergrow makes the space available, has all the necessary licenses and takes care of the right care for maximum harvest success!

Step 3: Harvest - Win-Win for everyone!

After the harvest, Cannerald looks for suitable bulk buyers and the yield is shared 50/50 between the company and the plant owner.

Interview with one of the managing directors of Cannergrow and Cannerald GmbH
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Cannergrow - Grow Room - Switzerland - Cannabis plantation - Cannerald GmbH
Cannergrow - Cannermed - Cannered - Cannerald - Own CBD products
Invest in cannabis with Cannergrow - Bravo Room Harvest - Cannerald GmbH

Growing locations

For Cannergrow, the choice of their growing locations has by no means been a coincidence, but rather a wise decision resulting from loose laws relating to cannabis and other favourable factors for setting up such a company. To protect the plantations from sabotage, the sites are protected by security teams and the harvest times are top secret. You will be informed of your harvest one week after harvest time.

Cannergrow Standort: Bern, Schweiz
Flag of Switzerland - Cannergrow Growing Location in Bern - Cannerald GmbH Bern, Switzerland

The plantation in Switzerland is located in the Cannerald headquarters and only about 30 minutes by car from the city centre of Bern. On the 1500m² there is space for the reception, offices and meeting rooms, as well as the large indoor grow rooms and the entire production line, including their own laboratory for scientific tests and further developments.

  • Sold out
  • Planned expansion: 9.000 plants
  • Maxmimum expansion: 18.000 plants
  • Property size: 1.500 m²
Cannergrow Standort: Bern, Schweiz
Flag of Macedonia - Cannergrow Growing Location in Skopje - Cannerald GmbH Bern 2, Switzerland

Due to the high demand, a suitable new location for Cannerald was searched for a long time. Finally the choice was made for an additional growing farm in Bern (Switzerland). There the company and the customers benefit from the usual Swiss standard. The greenhouse is EU-GMP compliant in order to supply European pharmaceutical companies with medical cannabis.

  • Only a few still available!
  • Planned expansion: 30.000 plants
  • Maxmimum expansion 100.000 plants
  • Property size: 20.000 m²

You decide for yourself, how many plants you want to own

Buy Cannergrow cannabis plants - Invest in Cannabis with Cannerald GmbH - Plant IcPon
1 plant

Per grow: *
45g - 75g

Expected value: *
1,45€ - 3,60€
per gram

2.320€ plus 7.7% VAT
Buy Cannergrow cannabis plants - Invest in Cannabis with Cannerald GmbH - Plant IcPon
10 plants
Most Popular

Per grow: *
450g - 750g

Expected value: *
1,45€ - 3,60€
per gram

23.200€ plus 7.7% VAT
Buy Cannergrow cannabis plants - Invest in Cannabis with Cannerald GmbH - Plant IcPon
25 plants

Per grow: *
1125g - 1875g

Expected value: *
1,45€ - 3,60€
per gram

58.000€ plus 7.7% VAT

* The space you buy for plants will last a lifetime, as long as the company continues to be liquid and profitable.
* The amount harvested depends on many factors. You can find more information about this on the harvest calculator developed for you on this page.
* Cannergrow offers you the opportunity to generate additional income by selling plant plots. This allows you to earn a share of the sales and harvest of your partner. You can find out more about this topic from your personal contact person.

Payment providers

You can easily and securely process both your deposits and withdrawals through the following providers:

Process Cannergrow deposits and Cannergrow withdrawals conveniently by bank transfer
Process Cannergrow deposits and Cannergrow withdrawals conveniently via Bitcoin

It has never been easier to gain a professional foothold in the cannabis industry!

Buy your first plants today!

The team of experts behind Cannergrow
More than a GmbH - a family business

The experience of the older and business-known generation, in combination with the modern strategies of the entire team, are the perfect recipe for success. This is a decisive factor for the success of the company and makes it one of the best investments of today.

Stefan Amweg - Director of Switzerland at Cannergrow Cannergrow Team member shape
Stefan Amweg
Levin Amweg - Co-Founder of Cannergrow Cannergrow Team member shape
Levin Amweg
Co-Founder of Cannerald GmbH
Serverin Amweg - Co-Founder of Cannergrow Cannergrow Team member shape
Serverin Amweg
Co-Founder of Cannerald GmbH
Sascha Wäschle - Co-Founder of Cannergrow Cannergrow Team member shape
Sascha Wäschle
Co-Founder of Cannerald GmbH

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